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This veteran of Eastside’s “restaurant row” feeds off its own organic garden. The comfy, converted-bungalow dining room suggests the type of place Mom would swoon over.


Frommer's 33

This was one of the earliest eateries to open in this rapidly changing area just east of the university. Full review →


Gayot 13.0

Take in a leisurely meal at this cozy 1928 bungalow with little rooms painted in peaceful hues of slate blue and vanilla. Full review →


Not For Tourists

Ever-changing menu, occasionally made with stuff grown out back. Full review →


On the Grid

Three words: smoked salmon ravioli. But don’t let that stop you from tasting the rest of their outstanding menu. Nearly everything is made from scratch and sourced from the neighboring... Full review →


Zagat 4.6

"They grow their own veggies" in the garden out back and source from local farms to compose the "amazing", "affordable" American menu at this "charming, cozy" Cherrywood "gem". Full review →

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