Experts' Choice Awards

In our annual awards season, we honor the world’s best hotels, restaurants and attractions with the Experts’ Choice Award, the only accolade based on multiple professional review sources.

UPDATE No awards were made in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Announcement of the 2021 Experts’ Choice Awards will start January 2021.

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Why we’re different

Powered by expert reviews

Our sources are travel guides, magazines & newspapers that you know and trust.

Highly selective criteria

Fewer than 2% of eligible venues receive the award, making it a distinctive honor.

Unbiased & impartial

Unlike other sites, our reviews are impartial and our system can't be gamed.

Badges & certificates

Look out for Experts’ Choice badges, appearing on the pages of winning venues on and around the web on our partner sites.

If you run a winning venue, you’re welcome to download badges and embed them on your own site, as well as request hard copies of certificates and stickers to display at your place of business.


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