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Lined with an array of trendy bars, Pest's Ráday utca is a destination for upscale pub crawls.


DK Eyewitness

Now considered to be one of the best restaurants in Budapest, Costes continues to shine with skilfully executed cuisine and an international flair.


Frommer's 34

This restaurant holds the honor of being the first in Hungary to be awarded a Michelin star (it was in 2010, followed by Onyx in 2011, and Borkonyha in 2014). Costes is on Ráday utca,... Full review →

To appreciate the full Costes experience—which is quite formal and includes servers wearing white gloves—choose one of the several tasting menus (from four to seven courses, also with the option of adding local wine pairings).

Lonely Planet

The first Hungarian restaurant to gain a Michelin star, Costes is the carefully orchestrated high-end dining experience you might expect. Full review →


Michelin Guide Tick 0 Stars

Sophisticated restaurant offering immaculately dressed tables, quality glassware and assured, formal service from an experienced team. Full review →


On the Grid

In 2010, Costes was recognized by the biggest acknowledgement for restaurants: a Michelin star. Small wonder it has been a popular hot spot ever since, for locals and tourists alike. A... Full review →

A must-see for fans of fine dining and wines (Costes offers more than 300 varieties of Hungarian wines), but make sure to book a table in advance when coming for dinner.

Rough Guide Tick Star

Hungary’s first Michelin-starred restaurant and Budapest dining at its most serious.

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