The BonBonerie Bakery & Cafe

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Afar Magazine

This cute little bakery/café is located in the artsy Obryonville area in Cincinnati and everyone must try their high tea at least once. Full review →


Gayot 12.0

From the moment you step into BonBonerie, the smell of sweet treats and the attractive counter displays are enough to transport you to Paris Full review →

Whether you are looking for a place to book an afternoon tea, hold a private baby shower or just have lunch with a girlfriend, this is one place in the Queen City where you can be sure there will be something pretty on your plate.


The “charming”, “cozy” spot (decked out with an “eclectic” collection of tea pots befitting its “wonderful” high tea) also offers an array of light fare, making it an overall “treat.” Full review →

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