a fuego negro

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San Sebastián's old town is best known for its pintxo bars (the Basque version of tapas), and with at least one on every block, competition is stiff

For dessert, choose the spilled marijuana planter where the plant itself is actually a green sugar cookie and the incredibly realistic spilled dirt and roots are made of chocolate.


Funky new tapas joint takes pintxos to a whole new level, from modern twists on classics, like mini Kobe-beef sliders, black rabas...to the truly experimental, like crab ice cream and chicken ceviche. Full review →


Frommer's 33

You have to smile when you walk in, for A Fuego Negro is simultaneously witty and a little ridiculous in its self-conscious hipsterdom. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Dark, theatrical and anything but traditional, A Fuego Negro is one of the leading designers of arty pintxos. Full review →


Michelin Guide Tick 0 Stars

Contemporary-style tapas bar in the old district. The menu is displayed on a large blackboard. Several tables are available for tasting their menus of creative bar snacks. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

The dramatic stark-black design is a refreshing departure from the woody cubbyhole look of traditional pintxo bars (in the back there’s a little red-and-white restaurant). Full review →

Restaurant Details
a fuego negro


31 de agosto, Donostia-San Sebastian

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