Casa D'Angelo

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Fodor's Tick Choice

Casa D'Angelo is always packed Full review →

Next, choose from the myriad daily appetizer specials, but don't miss the antipasto "Angelo," an assortment of seasonal grilled vegetables, and the mouthwatering burrata.

Frommer's 34

Casa D'Angelo remains steeped in old-school, Old World style and service with an impeccable reputation for some of the best Tuscan-style Italian food in South Florida. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Chef Angelo Elia presides over an impressive kitchen specializing in Tuscan and southern Italian dishes, many handed down by his mother. Full review →



Excellent Italian food in a strip mall location Full review →


Zagat 4.2

This "upscale" ristorante pair in Fort Lauderdale and Boca is the "closest to dining in Florence anyone will get in Florida" claim fans who rave about the "authentic" Italian fare. Full review →

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