The restaurant at Laluna Hotel

Laluna Hotel's restaurant is mentioned by reviewers writing for major publications. Out of 9 publications tracked on TripExpert, 8 mentioned the restaurant, such as Frommer's, Jetsetter and Fodor's.

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Frommer's 34

The restaurant, which is open to nonresidents who phone in advance, is less than 12m (39 ft... Full review →



One of the many highlights here is a meal at simply named, Laluna Restaurant...


Fodor's Tick Choice

The restaurant, which specializes in Italian fare, opens directly onto the beach for a perfectly romantic setting... Full review →


Travel + Leisure

The 10 secluded acres are dotted with private plunge pools, and during the day, guests meander between the open-air yoga pavilion, an Asian-inspired spa that offers Balinese Head Massages, and the Italian restaurant for Prosciutto di Parma or Parmiggiano Reggiano... Full review →



There's also Laluna restaurant, which serves the best Italian on the island...


The Telegraph 8.0

This intimate, luxury hotel by a secluded beach in south-west Grenada offers a casual-chic ambience, appealing Italian/Caribbean restaurant and enticing Indonesian spa... Full review →


Star Service Tick 4

The restaurant is open to the public, and reservations are a must... Full review →


Mr & Mrs Smith

‘The bar’s there, you don’t need to book the restaurant, the beach towels are there, the sea is there, suit yourself,’ we are told by staff... Full review →

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