La Rosa Nautica Restaurante

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Built out onto a pier, this place can be seen from Lima's entire coastline, inspiring a certain amount of "Ooh, I want to go there" in susceptible tourist onlookers.



La Rosa Náutica is a rambling Victorian-style building perched over the Pacific at the end of a long pier. Full review →


Frommer's 33

Even though busload after busload of tourists regularly fill this decades-old city landmark, it's still one of the best dining experiences in Lima. Full review →


Insight Guides

Lima’s most famous seafood restaurant, located at the end of an ocean boardwalk with great Pacific views.  Full review →


Lonely Planet

Though you can get the same (or better) seafood elsewhere for less, the views at this eatery on the historic pier are unparalleled. Full review →

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