Palazzo dei Normanni e Cappella Palatina

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Afar Magazine

by Fabrizia LanzaWithin the Palace of the Normans, there’s a chapel of the kings. “It’s sumptuous,” Fabrizia says, “all covered with mosaics. It’s like getting inside a golden box of... Full review →



The Cappella Palatina... a dazzling example of the harmony of artistic elements produced under the Normans. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick@2x Top Choice

This venerable palace dates to the 9th century but owes its current look (and name) to a major 12th-century Norman makeover, during which spectacular mosaics were added to its Royal... Full review →


Michelin Guide 55

The Norman palace is located at the exact centre of the first urban site. In 938, for security reasons, the emir abandoned the qsar to move to Kalsa. The palace became a royal residence... Full review →

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