Toro Bravo

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On a cold and rainy night (alas, there are a good number of those in Portland), the casual and inviting Toro Bravo is a ray of Mediterranean sunshine.

It's all good, but be sure to save room for the olive oil cake with roasted berries for dessert.

Fodor's Tick Choice

This bustling spot with closely spaced tables and a lively vibe caters heavily to groups, as the small-plates format is perfect for sharing. Full review →


Frommer's 34

I don't usually applaud for a meal, but the first time I ate at this neighborhood restaurant, my dinner companions and I just couldn't help ourselves. Full review →


Gayot 14.0

Even though Toro Bravo has been around several years, it remains a hot draw. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Sure, you could order the house bacon and manchego burger here and be happy, but it's the endless list of tapas that should guide your taste buds. Full review →


Michelin Guide

Patrons begin lining up before 5pm for this intimate tapas spot with big flavors.


Not For Tourists

Best tapas in Portland, hands down; it's ALL delicious. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

This smart and unpretentious tapas restaurant... uses local ingredients to create Spanish-inspired, sometimes revelatory dishes. Full review →



It truly is a tapas “bar,” and the best approach to take there is to order just a few dishes, hang onto the menu and then order some more. Full review →



This "bustling" Boise-Eliot tapas bar "extraordinaire" transports diners "to Seville" with "fantastically prepared" Spanish fare. Full review →

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