Vista Grill

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Afar Magazine

Perched high on a hill overlooking Puerto Vallarta, this is a romantic spot to watch the sun set while enjoying dinner. Full review →



Even the most jaded Vallarta locals propose to their lovers and celebrate anniversaries at Vista Grill, an old-school restaurant on a hill high above downtown Puerto Vallarta.


Fodor's Tick Choice

One of the best restaurants in PV for a celebratory toast—of life, love, or the perfect vacation. Full review →


Frommer's 33

Perched at the top of a hill, with exquisite views over the city below and across the bay (try to come at sunset), the Vista Grill offers food that's almost as exquisite as the vistas... Full review →

A canny fusion of Mexican and Continental techniques and ingredients, this is elegant, inventive and artfully fare(which may be why so many locals choose this as a place to propose).

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