Museo de Casa Blanca

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Afar Magazine

Explore the first military structure built on the island and one of the oldest monuments in San Juan. Full review →



Now a museum, the Casa Blanca may be the city's best-preserved colonial-era dwelling.



The original structure here was a wooden house built in 1521 as a home for Ponce de León; he died in Cuba without ever living here. Full review →

Don't miss the stairway descending from one of the bedrooms.

Frommer's 33

The simple Spanish colonial structure is made beautiful by its furniture, paintings, and other works of art. Full review →

Its vast garden... is its finest feature.

Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Constructed in 1524 as a residence for Puerto Rico’s pioneering governor... the Casa Blanca is the oldest continuously occupied house in the Western Hemisphere. Full review →

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