The rates at Opus Hotel

The rates at Opus Hotel is recommended by reviewers writing for major publications. Out of 15 publications that we tracked, 3 acknowledged the rates, including Rough Guide, Forbes Travel Guide and Star Service.

  • 2084155
  • 2084152
  • 2084156
  • 15295
  • 2084157
  • 15299
  • 15300
  • 2084151
  • 2084153
  • 2084154
  • 2084158

Rough Guide

Not cheap, but off-season rates are far more manageable...


Forbes Travel Guide 92

The Opus Hotel Vancouver also distinguishes itself with its up-to-the-minute technology, which includes iPads in every room and mobile phones (in the higher-priced room categories) that you can use both in and out of the hotel during your stay... Full review β†’


Star Service Tick 4

Least expensive Standard rooms are quite small at 250 sq ft, have shower-only baths, and are on the lower floors... Full review β†’

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