Our Story

Tripexpert was conceived as a better, smarter alternative to user-review travel sites. We feature professional hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews from trusted sources — succinct information that helps you make decisions on where to stay, dine and go with confidence.

The Tripexpert Score

We distill expert advice from 100+ publications.

Now featuring over 1 million expert reviews.

Our sources include travel guides, magazines and newspapers. We also include reviews from respected food and travel bloggers and other local experts.

The most important information at a glance

We read every review and select a snippet that best summarizes it. We call out advice, like what room to ask for or what dishes you can’t miss.

The only score you need to know.

The final result of our review collection and curation process is the Tripexpert Score. Only the best venues — those that have been recommended by multiple experts — receive a score.

Best price guarantee

We’ve partnered with Booking.com to provide you with the best rates on hotel reservations. If you find a lower price for the same room on the same dates, we'll refund the difference.*

* This offer applies only to rates available to the general public. It does not include blind bookings, or rates available only through hotel loyalty programs.

Media coverage

And also: Bangkok Post, BostInno, Business Insider, Clarín (Argentina), CNBC, Die Zeit (Germany), Entrepreneur, Fox Business, HotelChatter, Huffington Post, Skift, The Arizona Republic, The Daily Telegraph, The Seattle Times, Time, Tnooz, TNW, USA Today, USA Today Travel

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