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    The TripExpert Score draws on hotel, restaurant and tourist attraction reviews written by experts for publications such as Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, and Bon Appétit.

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    Cut through the noise of user reviews, which are unreliable and misleading. Instead, listen to the professionals who know best. We've got them all in one place.

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How the TripExpert Score is calculated

The TripExpert Score is calculated using expert reviews from 70+ publications including travel guides, magazines and newspapers. We take into account the number of publications that have reviewed a specific venue, as well as any score or rating that has been awarded. The TripExpert Score is the authoritative statement of overall quality.

TripExpert scores range from 60-100 and are comparable across destinations. A hotel that scores 95, whether it's in Paris or Penang, is an outstanding hotel.

Why you should be wary of user reviews

  • As many as 40% could be fake

    Hotels and restaurants game the system. Purchasing fake reviews is cheap, easy, and far
    too common.

  • No basis for comparison

    A traveler to a new city isn't staying in multiple hotels or able to partake of every worthwhile attraction.

  • The incentives are wrong

    The people who post reviews are often those who have had some kind of marginal experience that won't affect you.

TripExpert in the news

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I have welcomed the arrival of TripExpert, which prints recommendations and critiques written by experienced travel journalists, most of whom have devoted their careers to the subject matter and built major reputations based on the worth of their reviews.

— Arthur Frommer

Best price — guaranteed

When you search on TripExpert, we find you the best rate from our partner Booking.com.

If you find a lower price for the same room on the same dates, we'll refund the difference.*

* This offer applies only to rates available to the general public. It does not include blind bookings, or rates available only through hotel loyalty programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find the TripExpert Score for a particular place?

We only list hotels, restaurants and attractions that have been endorsed by multiple experts. This means that TripExpert features fewer places than other travel portals, which we think is a good thing — you know you're choosing from among the best.

Why can't I find hotels in [destination]?

Not every place in the world is on TripExpert... yet. We currently feature over 700 destinations, from major cities to Caribbean beach towns, and we're adding more all the time.

I run a hotel/restaurant and would like to add it or have questions about its score.

We've set up a separate page of answers to questions frequently asked by owners.

I would like to use the TripExpert Score on my site.

If you're a venue operator, you can embed one of our TripExpert badges on your site. Get your badge now →

If you run a travel search site and would like to use our scores, please contact us for more information about our API. The API lets approved third parties access our data and use it to enhance their listings and increase conversions.


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