Expert Review API

The Expert Review API provides access to professional review data for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions from leading travel guides, magazines and newspapers.

Top tier publication sources.

Our 70+ source publications include The New York Times, Frommer’s, Travel + Leisure, Michelin Guide, and Lonely Planet.

Higher booking conversion rates.

Visitors are more likely to make a reservation when they see endorsements from sources they know and trust.

We distill professional opinion.

Our patent-pending algorithm generates a TripExpert Score and our curated review extracts capture the key points of each review.

For Individual Venue Owners

We make available various customized badges that you can easily embed on your hotel or restaurant website. The badges update automatically without the need for you to use the API. Get your badges now:


Key Metrics

  • 3,500,000

    Venues in our master database

  • 700,000

    Expert Reviews

  • 75+

    Source Publications

  • 700+

    Destinations worldwide

Destinations Map

Data Available

TripExpert Score

Our algorithm generates a score based on professional reviews by top publications.

More information about the TripExpert Score →

Review Scores

Each publication’s rating ("Critic’s Pick", "5 stars") using its own language and on a normalized basis.

Review Extracts

Short, 1-2 sentence snippets curated to convey the most salient points of the review.


Tips and suggestions from the reviewer, classifed according to type and target audience.


We also track awards and prizes, such as the James Beard awards for restaurants.

Technical Specifications

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The API is designed in line with current best practices, including:

  • Basic Auth over HTTPS
  • Responses in JSON (XML also available)
  • Bulk CSV download available for certain features (e.g. venue metadata, mapping)



An API key is required to use the API. Please contact us to request a key.

  • Basic use of the API is free and allows access to venue metadata, the TripExpert Score, and select review data. Using our TripExpert Badges is also always free.
  • Full access to all review sources is assessed on a case-by-case basis and may attract a fee.


To request an API key or for technical support, contact [email protected] or fill out this form.

or use your email address:

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