La Caravella dal 1959

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This is seriously creative stuff, not cucina di mamma. The ambience, the service, and the amazing wine list (the cellar holds over 15,000 bottles) all rise to the occasion.



The first in Southern Italy to earn a Michelin star and once drew a gilded guest list that included such fans as Andy Warhol and Federico Fellini. Full review →

A tasting menu is available, but don't miss the antipasti.

Frommer's 34

Do not expect sea views in this temple of cuisine, where guests are not to be distracted by such frivolities as a sunset. A successful advocate of the marriage between classic and modern... Full review →


Lonely Planet

The regional food here has recently earned the restaurant a Michelin star. Full review →


Michelin Guide 53

This marvellous establishment has been open for over half a century and has made gastronomic history along the Amalfi coast Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Has been one of the area’s finest restaurants for nearly 50 years. Full review →

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