Glacier Brewhouse

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Afar Magazine

With a whopping average size of twenty to twenty-five pounds (and fifty pounds being considered trophy size), King Salmon are one of Alaska's crown jewels. The season opens up every year... Full review →



The scent of hops permeates the cavernous, wood-beam BrewHouse, where at least a dozen ales, stouts, lagers, and pilsners are brewed on the premises. Full review →


Frommer's 33

The cavernous, lodge-like Glacier Brewhouse is a bar-and-restaurant with the gleaming stainless steel vats of the brewery behind a wall of glass. An amber, a blonde, an IPA, and an... Full review →

Choose this place for a boisterous meal with quick, casual service that will get you out in time to do something else with the evening.

Gayot 10.0

This pub is the “it” spot in downtown Anchorage. Full review →


Lonely Planet

But be prepared to wait for that table, as this place is unbelievably (and deservedly) popular. Full review →

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