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Afar Magazine

Hiking up the small hill is energizing and, if you're into photography, lots of fun to shoot with a zoom lens. Full review →



The entire hill is the Acropolis; the 5th-century B.C. temple to Athena Parthenos is the Parthenon.

Try to arrive early for less heat and fewer crowdsc

Fodor's Tick Choice

You don't have to look far in Athens to encounter perfection. Towering above all—both physically and spiritually—is the Acropolis. Full review →

When you enter the gate, ask for a free bilingual (in English and Greek) pamphlet guide.

Let's Go

The most prominent feature is, of course, the Parthenon. But don’t forget to check out the gorgeous panoramas of Athens as you climb up. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

The Acropolis is the most important ancient site in the Western world. Full review →


Michelin Guide 55

After reaching the Acropolis by Beulé gate, get carried away by the inspiration of the gods who, in past times, are said to have passed by here. Full review →


The Telegraph

Rising above the concrete jungle that is modern Athens, the “sacred rock” is crowned by three temples dating from the fifth century BC, attracting three million visitors per year Full review →

Be sure to walk below the Acropolis at night, too, when it is at its most magnificent, bathed in golden floodlighting.

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