Greek Folk Art Museum

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Focuses on folk art from 1650 to the present, with especially interesting embroideries, stone and wood carvings... and Karaghiozis (shadow player figures). Full review →

Don't miss the room of uniquely fanciful landscapes and historical portraits

Frommer's 33

One of Athens' best small museums, full of dazzling costumes and the ornately embroidered linen. Full review →

Don't miss the small room with the exuberant frescoes of gods and heroes

Let's Go

This small, quiet, and well-organized museum houses a collection of authentic Greek folk art, modest in size, but impressive in scope and quality. Full review →


Lonely Planet

This superb collection gathers secular and religious folk art, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Full review →


Michelin Guide 53

This museum lets visitors admire the rich colours and designs of the embroideries... and the variety of traditional costumes. Full review →

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