National Archaeological Museum

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Afar Magazine

If you're traveling to Athens because you're interested in the ancient sites, this is a must see place. Full review →



The National Archaeological Museum is newly (post-Olympics) renovated and a must-see.

Don't miss the curiously haunting 14th-century B.C. golden Mask of Agamemnon.

Fodor's Tick Choice

Artistic highlights from every period of its ancient civilization, from Neolithic to Roman times, make this a treasure trove beyond compare. Full review →

The museum's most celebrated display... the stunning gold treasures

Frommer's 34

Most people head straight into the Mycenaean gallery, with its stunning gold masks, cups, dishes, and jewelry unearthed from the site of Mycenae by Heinrich Schliemann in 1876. Full review →

Don't miss the Hellenistic marble group in which chubby little Eros and leering Pan are regarded with some amusement by Aphrodite, who swats at Pan with one of her sandals.

Let's Go

With its enormous collection of Greek (and some Egyptian!) art, there’s no shortage of muscular frames and nude bods here. Oh, and some great art as well. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

One of the world’s most important museums, the National Archaeological Museum houses the world's finest collection of Greek antiquities. Full review →

Allow plenty of time to view the vast and spectacular collections

Michelin Guide 55

Admire the famous golden mask of Agamemnon... the Poseidon from the Artemision region, the Eleusis relief and the huge statue of Poseidon of Milo! Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Perhaps the second most important venue for diligent tourists (after the Acropolis). Full review →

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