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DK Eyewitness

A stylishly small, air-conditioned place, Hemlock is popular with Thai elite and artists who often host art and photography exhibitions here.


Frommer's 33

The extensive and wide-ranging menu, which includes several vegetarian options, combined with a relaxing atmosphere and very reasonable prices, makes this a hot favorite for young Thais. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Taking full advantage of its cosy shophouse location, this perennial favourite has enough style to feel like a special night out but doesn’t skimp on flavour or preparation. Full review →


Rough Guide Tick Star

Small, stylish, air-con restaurant that’s very popular with students and young Thai couples.


Time Out Tick Critics' Choice

A pioneer of this hip bar/restaurant strip, Hemlock maintains a near-Mediterranean breeziness (whitewashed walls and a rock-strewn interior). Full review →

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