Matthias Church

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Fodor's Tick Choice

The ornate white (er, sooty white) steeple of the Matthias Church is the highest point on Castle Hill. It was added in the 15th century, above a 13th-century Gothic chapel. Full review →


Frommer's 35

Originally founded by King Béla IV in the 13th century, this church is officially named the Church of Our Lady and is a symbol of Buda's Castle District. Full review →


Let's Go

If more churches looked like Matthias Church on Castle Hill, every Sunday would be as celebratory as Christmas and Easter Full review →

Royal wrath resulting from the dejeweling has yet to be felt, so make sure to speak only words of admiration in Matthias Church, especially while viewing the replica of the Hungarian crown upstairs in the church’s Museum of Ecclesiastical Art. You don’t want to be in good favor with the spirit of Hungarian royalty when he arises to steal back his beloved jewels.

Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Parts of Matthias Church date back some 500 years, notably the carvings above the southern entrance. Full review →

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