Peninsula Grill

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This award-winning restaurant in the chic Planters Inn oozes sexy sophistication.


Fodor's Tick Choice

Chef Graham Dailey incorporates Lowcountry produce and seafood into traditional Peninsula dishes, at once eyeing the past and the future. Full review →


Forbes Travel Guide 92

Located in the Planters Inn, the Peninsula Grill has the sophisticated feel of an urban eatery without losing sight of its Southern charm. Full review →


Frommer's 34

The outdoor seating area in the lush courtyard is illuminated by real copper carriage lanterns. The main theme here is a sophisticated interpretation of Southern cuisine. Full review →


Gayot 15.0

The Champagne Bar menu features raw oysters and other cold dishes. Hot appetizers such as the lobster and crab cake duo arrange two meaty cakes beside a small arugula salad. Full review →


Tasting Table

The quintessential "fancy" restaurant, but with excellent food to boot, Peninsula Grill achieves an almost cinematic elegance Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Servers slip past to present Chef Graham Dailey’s savory steak au poivre or Carolina game hen, and fill your glass, again. Full review →



Rich velvet walls, antique cypress woodwork and large, 19th-century oil paintings, all combined with lush gardens outside, create a pampered setting for exquisite local cuisine Full review →



Diners are “lavished with attention” from servers who are “amazingly in sync” as they work the “elegant” but “not over-stuffy” velvet-walled space. Full review →

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