Edinburgh Zoo

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8 / 10

5 expert reviews

“One of the world's leading conservation zoos. Edinburgh's captive breeding program has helped save many endangered species.”

– Lonely Planet

Michelin Guide Michelin Guide
2 Stars
"The famous collection of penguins in Edinburgh (colony of 30 Emperor penguins and a hundred papoose penguins) is the most popular attraction." Full review
Don't miss out on some indigenous species, the wildcat, the pine marten or the Golden Eagle.
Time Out Time Out
"It’s currently the only zoo in the UK to keep koalas and was the first ever zoo to keep and breed penguins, with their enclosure being one of the hits of the tour." Full review
Frommer's Frommer's
"The zoo contains more than 1,500 animals, including white rhinos, pygmy hippos, and chimps. It also boasts the largest penguin colony in Europe housed in the world's biggest penguin enclosure." Full review