Maui Ocean Center

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Fodor's Tick Choice

Feel as though you're walking from the seashore down to the bottom of the reef at this aquarium. Full review →

The Ocean Center's gift shop is one of the best on Maui for artsy souvenirs and toys.

Frommer's 34

This 5-acre facility houses the largest aquarium in the state and features one of Hawaii’s largest predators: the tiger shark. Full review →

You, too, can sign up to dive with sharks, and fish-loving kids can book a sleepover in the aquarium

Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

This midsize aquarium showcases Hawaii’s dazzling marine life, including many species found nowhere else. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Watching young children press against the glass of an aquarium can be more entertaining than the marine life itself. Kids are mesmerized by the stingrays and fish that swim through the... Full review →



This marine park is one of Maui’s top attractions and has been called “The Hawaiian Aquarium.” It includes a 750,000-gallon open ocean exhibit, with 2,000-plus fishes, live coral... Full review →

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