Dolmabahce Palace

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Afar Magazine

The Dolmabahçe (“dol-ma-bah-chey”) Palace is European through and through. Full review →



Often overlooked by visitors, this is one of Istanbul's most lavish and extravagant attractions.


Fodor's Tick Choice

The name Dolmabahçe means "filled-in garden," from the fact that Sultan Ahmet I (ruled 1603–17) had an imperial garden planted here on land reclaimed from the sea. Full review →


Frommer's 35

The extravagant collection of objets d'art represents just a small percentage of items presented to the occupants of the palace over the years. Full review →


Let's Go

It has 285 rooms, 68 toilets, 44 halls, and six hamams. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

These days it’s fashionable for architects and critics influenced by the less-is-more aesthetic of the Bauhaus masters to sneer at buildings such as Dolmabahçe. Full review →


Michelin Guide 54

Generously deployed pomp and riches... provide a certain cohesion, in which it's possible to conjure up the decadent life of a sultan. Full review →

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