Khorasani Restaurant

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Afar Magazine

Ask most tourism representatives, restaurateurs, and waiters in Old Istanbul to recommend a restaurant, and most will offer Khorasani Ocakbaşı and Kebabhouse. Full review →


DK Eyewitness

A cut above the usual kebab shop, this attractive restaurant offers dishes from the southern regions of Gaziantep and Antakya, including a reasonable number of vegetarian options.



One of Sultanahmet's most outstanding restaurants emphasizes the Arab- and Kurdish-influenced cuisine of southeastern Turkey, from where the restaurant's owners hail. Full review →


Frommer's 33

This new, smart standout in a sea of mediocrity brings not only good food, but good recipes from the Gaziantep and Antakya regions of Southeast Anatolia to the neighborhood. Full review →


Lonely Planet

When considering ocakbaşıs, the word stylish doesn’t often come to mind. Succulent, yes. Smoky, sometimes. But stylish? Hmm. Full review →


Rough Guide

If you are staying in Sultanahmet, this is the nearest place to sample authentic southeastern Turkish cuisine.


Time Out

Up stairs, selections from the Ottoman Cuisine,seasonal fish, pasta and stir-fried meals are served. And the top floor is decorated like a café in Nişantaşı with wide square tables. Full review →

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