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Richmond Hill Inn
7 / 10
Union St, Montego Bay, Jamaica
From $0 /night
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Free Internet
  • Restaurant
  • Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Meeting Rooms
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"If you're an avid beach lover, you should know in advance that the nearest beach is a 15-minute drive away from this hotel." Full review
"This hilltop inn—a 200-year-old great house originally owned by the Dewars clan—has spectacular views of the Caribbean and a great deal of peace." Full review
Rough Guide
"Former planters’ house whose lofty setting offers easily the best views in town. Communal areas with pool, lots of greenery and delicious 1970s touches."
Lonely Planet
Top Choice
"It’s hard to understand why anyone who can afford a night at the Richmond three times over (and that’s a lot of tourists in Jamaica) would sleep elsewhere." Full review

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