3 Dives Restaurant

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DK Eyewitness

This is an eternally popular place in a tree-filled garden on the cliffs, with a nightly bonfire creating some atmosphere.



It's best known for its jerk...but it also serves traditional Jamaican dishes like curried goat, brown-stew chicken, curried or steamed conch, and, in season, grilled lobsters. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

It’s no small tribute to 3 Dives that its jerk overshadows its reputation for lengthy waits (sometimes over an hour).


Rough Guide Tick Star

Popular, inexpensive jerk centre in a cliffside garden, with particularly good lobster and a nightly bonfire.


Travel + Leisure

Previously featured on The Amazing Race, the 3 Dives jerk stand is named for the surrounding limestone cliffs, which provide great diving spots as well as stunning views of the sea. Full review →

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