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Finca Malvasia
Finca Malvasia
8 / 10
Masdache, Lanzarote
From $0 /night
  • Free Internet
  • Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchenette
  • Outdoor pool
  • Refrigerator
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The Telegraph The Telegraph
"Surrounded by volcanoes and lava-ash vineyards in the island’s rugged interior, this stylish, British-run retreat offers sublime serenity, an outdoor pool, and cosy, retro-rustic cottages with kitchenettes and terraces." Full review
Lonely Planet Lonely Planet
Top Choice
"On a sprawling wine estate at the heart of the island, 2km south of Masdache, this Manrique-style oasis makes the perfect escape." Full review
The Guardian The Guardian
"The aquamarine pool blazes out against the whitewashed architecture at this super-stylish bolthole. There are five rooms and suites, along with a three-bedroom villa, all self-catering." Full review