The Neon Museum

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It's overflowing with more than 100 pieces of vintage nonoperative signage that trace Las Vegas's unique physical history.


Condé Nast Traveler Tick@2x 6171d377f4bdf64b73cd1497a953795e983e401b43d55aa4aa744f373ea2f30b Editor's Pick

This collection of 150 neon signs dating from the 1930s—the largest in the world—is finally open. Full Review →


Fodor's Tick@2x 6171d377f4bdf64b73cd1497a953795e983e401b43d55aa4aa744f373ea2f30b Choice

Consider this Downtown museum the afterlife for old neon signs. Full Review →


Frommer's 34

No other attraction is more archetypically Las Vegas than this, the “boneyard” where retired neon signs from casinos, hotels, stores, and more go Full Review →

Nighttime tours are a special treat

Lonely Planet

This nonprofit project is doing what almost no one else does: saving Las Vegas' history. Full Review →


Michelin Guide Tick@2x 6171d377f4bdf64b73cd1497a953795e983e401b43d55aa4aa744f373ea2f30b 0 Stars

The museum takes visitors on a sentimental walking journey, past the famed Hacienda Hotel's horseman and the golden bulbs of Aladdin's Lamp. Full Review →


Travel + Leisure

Founded in 1996, the Neon Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and displaying neon signs, an iconic Las Vegas art form. Full Review →

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