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Lisbon's austere Romanesque cathedral, Sé (which stands for Sedes Episcopalis), was founded in 1150 to commemorate the defeat of the Moors. Full review →

Note the fine rose window, and be sure to visit the 13th-century cloister and the treasure-filled sacristy

Frommer's 35

Beyond the rough exterior are many treasures, including the font where St. Anthony of Padua is said to have been christened in 1195. Full review →


Let's Go

Lisbon’s 12th-century cathedral is massive and intimidating, built to double as a fortress, if needed. Full review →


Lonely Planet

One of Lisbon’s icons is the fortress like sé, built in 1150 on the site of a mosque. Full review →

History buffs shouldn’t miss the less-visited Gothic cloister

Travel + Leisure

The Romanesque cathedral in the mazelike Alfama district houses 12th- and 13th-century treasures from a Moorish excavation. Full review →

Be sure to stop at the adjoining cloister, which has an archaeological site with artifacts from Roman times.

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