The data science guide to America's best beer gardens

We've taken the best from 15 different sources to give you a definitive list of where to sip beer in the most ideal setting.

While Oktoberfest, the annual 16-day festival during the months of September and October, may be over, it's always a good time to share a beer with friends. Taking on the traditions of Germany, beer halls and gardens across this fair land have turned the biergarten into a beer-laden dreamland far beyond the reaches of Munich.

But beer gardens aren't just for Oktoberfest. That's why TripExpert has compiled a list of 20 of the best beer halls and gardens in the U.S. (plus five outside the U.S.) by putting these reviews through a simplified version TripExpert’s scoring algorithm, the same process that we use to rate venues around the world. We've taken the best from 15 different sources to give you a definitive list of where to sip beer in the most ideal setting.  Cheers!

“When a place boasts having more than 100 beers on tap and the ‘largest sausage selection in Austin’, you know you're in for a good time” says Thrillist. It’s true: with 30 sausages on the menu and more beers on tap than one could dream, Banger’s in Austin was built for a rousing good time. Since this is the live music capitol, expect to catch country music two to three days a week. 

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