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As in other Moroccan cities, the Mellah is the old Jewish quarter, once a small, walled-off city within the city. Full review →


Frommer's 33

The present Mellah, renamed Hay Essalam, is much smaller and almost entirely Muslim Full review →


Lonely Planet

The mellah remains notable for tall mudbrick homes along single-file streets and cross-alley gossip through wrought-iron balconies. Full review →

To see the living legacy of Mellah artisans and spice traders, check out the Place des Ferblantiers, the Grand Bijouterie and the Mellah Market .

Travel + Leisure

The Mellah, or Jewish quarter, is not a souk per se but a distinct district in the medina. In addition to the area’s historical importance, you’ll find a good variety of shops here.  This... Full review →

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