Saadian Tombs

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Used by various dynasties for more than 200 years, the beautifully restored site numbers more than 60 pagoda-shaped marble sarcophagi housed in two mausoleums



This small, beautiful 16th-century burial ground is the permanent resting place of 166 Saadians, including its creator, Sultan Ahmed el Mansour, the Golden One. Full review →

Get here either early or late to avoid the crowds and to see the monuments swathed in soft golden light of a restful sun.

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This high-walled compound, shaded with palms and dotted with bright zellij-topped tombs, is the final resting place of the Saâdian dynasty Full review →


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Saadian Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour ed-Dahbi spared no expense on his tomb, importing Italian Carrara marble and gilding honeycomb muqarnas (decorative plasterwork) with pure gold Full review →


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1917 the existence of the tombs was accidentally rediscovered. An access corridor was then cut through the walls to enable non-Muslims to see them. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

The Saadian tombs are some pretty chic burial grounds, alright.  Remnants of the Saadian dynasty that used to rule Marrakesh, Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour had this series of elaborate gilded... Full review →

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