Museo del Templo Mayor

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Fodor's Tick Choice

The ruins of the ancient hub of the Aztec empire were unearthed accidentally in 1978 by telephone repairmen, and have since been turned into a vast archaeological site and museum. Full review →


Frommer's 34

A tremendously engrossing and rewarding step back in time. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Thought to be on the exact spot where the Aztecs saw their symbolic eagle, perching on a cactus with a snake in its beak. Full review →


Michelin Guide 53

Among the 8 000 or so objects found on the site, the flint and obsidian sacrificial knives, some of them with a stone eye, send shivers down your spine! Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Explore the ruins of the most important temple in Tenochtitlán, in the heart of downtown Mexico City. Full review →

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