Coral Castle

Top 2% of attractions in Miami
8 / 10

6 expert reviews

“There is no greater temple to all that is weird and wacky about South Florida.”

– Lonely Planet

Travel + Leisure Travel + Leisure
"Made from 1,100 tons of megalithic-style limestone boulders—some heavier than the Pyramids' and bigger than those at Stonehenge." Full review
Not For Tourists Not For Tourists
"Tiny man makes coral stone love nest for teen bride who dumped him. Creepy."
Where Where
"Edward Leedskalnin built his Coral Castle in secret leaving scientists, engineers, scholars baffled since 1932." Full review
Condé Nast Traveler Condé Nast Traveler
"You'll find history buffs and architecture aficionados wandering the grounds of Coral Castle, mouths agape at the impressive structure." Full review
Frommer's Frommer's
"Experts have apparently studied Ed Leedskalnin’s methods to help figure out how the great pyramids and Stonehenge were built." Full review

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