Castello Sforzesco

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Afar Magazine

For those who love Michelangelo's work or any religious depictions, it alone is worth the visit to Castello Sforzesco. Full review →


Condé Nast Traveler

Splendid architecture and sprawling courtyards alone are worth the visit, though one of its main attractions is Michelangelo’s unfinished masterpiece, the Pietà Rondanini. Full review →



For the serious student of Renaissance military engineering, the Castello must be something of a travesty, so often has it been remodeled or rebuilt since it was begun in 1450. Full review →


Frommer's 35

The Visconti built the castle in the 14th century, and the Sforza, who married into the Visconti clan and eclipsed them in power, reconstructed it in 1450. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Originally a Visconti fortress, this iconic red-brick castle was later home to the mighty Sforza dynasty who ruled Renaissance Milan. Full review →


Michelin Guide 55

This impressive castle was once home to the dukes of Milan (the Sforza) and now houses the municipal art collection. Full review →

Michelangelo's last unfinished work: a must-see.

Travel + Leisure

This large 15th century castle now houses several museums and art collections, with offerings ranging from Medieval and Renaissance sculptures and masterpieces by Tintoretto and Titian. Full review →

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