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Chimes Bed and Breakfast
7 / 10
1146 Constantinople St., New Orleans, LA 70115
From $0 /night
  • Free Internet
  • Free Breakfast
  • Laundry Service
  • Laundy Room
  • Free Parking
  • Business Center
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"Jill, always knowledgeable and animated, will help you plan your day, matching your particular interests with her favorite spots and outings."
"The elegant and charming Chimes B&B is set in an atmospheric, historic neighborhood." Full review
Lonely Planet
"All rooms are arranged around a lovely patio and gardens, creating a courtyard community of sorts." Full review
DK Eyewitness
"Nicely decorated and perfectly maintained, the B&B is a good homebase for travelers."
Rough Guide
"You’re in a pretty part of the Garden District at this peaceful, casually stylish B&B."
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