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Le Reve by MIJ Beachfront Hotel
7 / 10
Playa Xcalacoco, Fraccion 2A, Playa del Carmen 77710
From $276 /night
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Free Internet
  • Room Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Concierge
  • Laundy Room
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"Beachfront resort 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen, with a seaside spa and dreamy Caribbean views." Full review
Travel + Leisure
"Few hotels along Mexico’s Mayan Riviera are as private and intimate as Le Reve Hotel and Spa." Full review
Book ahead—this is a destination beloved by honeymooners and wedding parties who can take over the spa, or the entire resort.
Star Service
"This midrange vacation club (read: time share) sells off its excess inventory to couples and families in search of a small, seductive hideaway." Full review
"Has an instantly relaxing vibe well-suited to couples and honeymooners. The boutique hotel's interiors are upscale and stylish." Full review
"At the end of a short, bumpy dirt road, this secluded little resort seems tailor-made for a romantic getaway." Full review

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