Experts’ Choice winners for 2017 announced

TripExpert brings you this year's list of the world's top hotels, restaurants, and attractions as selected by professional reviewers.

April 5, 2017

by Chris Blume

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We’re pleased to announce the winners of our second annual Experts’ Choice Awards. 7,000 of the world’s best hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions have been honored with the award, which is based on reviews in top travel media.

Last year, we debuted Experts’ Choice as a new type of accolade that reflects the views of expert reviewers. In the past 12 months, we’ve added hundreds of thousands of new reviews from travel guides, magazines and newspapers. We’ve also added coverage for over 100 new destinations on four continents. TripExpert is now a more comprehensive guide to the best places to stay, the best restaurants to dine at, and the top sights to see.

The reaction to our first round of awards was overwhelming. Both our users and our featured venues were relieved that there is now an alternative to user reviews, which our research shows are subject to abuse and often unreliable.

Award criteria

To be eligible, venues must have a TripExpert Score of at least 70. The score is calculated based on reviews in our 70+ source publications; learn more about how it is calculated. In addition, venues must typically be in the top 10% of similar venues in the relevant destination. (Some adjustments are made to these thresholds in certain cases. For example, in some beach destinations, 100% of the resorts are world class and have received the award.)


Information for winners

Over 1,000 venues now proudly display our “Experts’ Choice” badges on their websites or at their places of business. If you’re a winner, we’d love for you to join them. Click “Venue Support” from your TripExpert page for a selection of embeddable badges and to request free certificates to be delivered to you. We’re also happy to work directly with your PR or social media team. Please contact me if you need any help.