Cafe Slavia

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Easily the city's best-known café, Slavia serves good coffee, drinks, and light snacks, as well as the greatest hits of Czech cuisine. Full review →


Frommer's 33

The restored crisp Art Deco room recalls the Slavia's 100 years as a meeting place for the city's cultural and intellectual corps. Full review →


Let's Go

Perhaps the best-known cafe in all of Prague, Slavia was historically the haunt of artists, intellectuals, and dissidents, including Renaissance man Václav Havel. Full review →


Rough Guide

This famous 1920s riverside café pulls in a mixed crowd from shoppers and tourists to old-timers and the pre- and post-theatre mob.


Time Out

A struggling Václav Havel and pals once tippled here as they plotted the overthrow of communism at the Slavia. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

One of the city’s most celebrated cafés, Slavia opened in 1881 and soon became a gathering place for artists and intellectuals, including Franz Kafka and former president Václav Havel. Full review →

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