B'Guest House vs Battiss - Zeederberg Guest House

B'Guest House and Battiss - Zeederberg Guest House are both rated highly by professionals. On balance, B'Guest House ranks marginally higher than Battiss - Zeederberg Guest House. B'Guest House ranks #30 in Pretoria with positive reviews from 1 sources like Lonely Planet.

B'Guest House
8 / 10
Park Street 751, Arcadia, Pretoria 83, South Africa
From $0 /night
Lonely Planet
"The pick of the mid-rangers has a smashing pool and surrounding gardens that can be viewed from private patios or through the foyer’s exquisite glass doors. The cuisine comes highly recommended."
Battiss - Zeederberg Guest House
7 / 10
92 Twentieth Street, Pretoria 0181, South Africa
From $0 /night
Rough Guide
"Very comfortable B&B accommodation in the original home of eccentric Walter Battiss, one of South Africa’s greatest twentieth-century artists."

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