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Fodor's Tick Choice

The menu, on an eraser board, changes all the time, but crab fitters are a staple, as is the whole fried yellowtail snapper served over a root mash with avocado and papaya salsa. Full review →


Frommer's 34

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma caused extensive damage across the island. Many places closed for rebuilding. Frommer's recommends that vacationers check in advance with all businesses... Full review →

The restaurant is a 12-minute walk from the Marriott in Condado, which you can do in the daylight and the early evening, but grab a cab going home at night to avoid the remote side streets you'll have to cross on the way.

Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Discreetly hidden in a yellow house lacking a sign, you'll have no problems finding one of the hemisphere's best restaurants. Full review →


Travel + Leisure

Neighborhood place near San Juan's La Placita. Full review →

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