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Long before it found its current home in the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel, Pikayo was considered San Juan's most innovative restaurant. Credit Wilo Benet, a former chef de cuisine...

Choose from scallops with piquillo peppers and corn emulsion, sauteed shrimp in a saffron broth, and onion-drenched bistec encebollado (beef stew).

Fodor's Tick Choice

Celebrity chef and Puerto Rico native Wilo Benet's flagship restaurant makes the most of its elegant surroundings at the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza hotel. Full review →


Frommer's 34

The latest incarnation of the Condado Plaza eatery has “pikadera” section with extensive hot and cold offerings; look here for appetizers or to make an entire meal tapas style. Full review →



A fusion of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine with international flavors inside The Condado Plaza Hilton. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Wilo Benet is one of the island’s platoon of celebrity chefs. Full review →

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