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Long before it found its current home in the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel, Pikayo was considered San Juan's most innovative restaurant. Credit Wilo Benet, a former chef de cuisine...

Choose from scallops with piquillo peppers and corn emulsion, sauteed shrimp in a saffron broth, and onion-drenched bistec encebollado (beef stew).

Fodor's Tick@2x Choice

Celebrity chef and Puerto Rico native Wilo Benet's flagship restaurant makes the most of its elegant surroundings at the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza hotel. Full review →


Frommer's 34

Celebrity chef Wilo Benet has been bringing Puerto Rican cuisine to new heights since the 1990s and there’s no sign of him, or his restaurant, slowing down. Through a number of physical... Full review →



A fusion of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine with international flavors inside The Condado Plaza Hilton. Full review →


Lonely Planet

Wilo Benet is one of the island’s platoon of celebrity chefs Full review →

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