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The Flemish food (poached tongue fish stuffed with rhubarb in a white wine sauce) is creative and ever-changing, with definite leanings toward French cuisine.


Fodor's Tick Choice

Traditional Flemish surroundings with heavy oak chairs and beamed ceilings are the setting for some of the best (and priciest) food in the city. Full review →


Frommer's 34

Behind the heavy doors of a 16th-century stone house, this Michelin two-star restaurant offers the finest dining in town in an intimate room furnished in oak. Full review →


Lonely Planet

If money is no object, dress up and seek out this traditional, much-lauded little Antwerp classic that is so discreet that it's almost invisible within a 16th-century old-city house. Full review →


Michelin Guide Tick 0 Stars

Fine classic cuisine and quality wines are served in this rustic restaurant housed in an old building Full review →

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