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Upscale fish spot from chef Ford Fry raises the oyster to an art form.



Named Esquire magazine's Best New Restaurant of 2012, the Optimist lives up to the hype, serving top-notch seafood in a dazzingly refurbished warehouse space. Full review →


Frommer's 34

I'm not a huge fan of shellfish, but I'll admit the oyster bar was impressive with its sheer volume of selections. The seared scallops are a winner, with their accompanying glazed pork. Full review →

Be sure and call a couple of weeks early to make a reservation.

Gayot 14.0

Styled after a fish camp, The Optimist fields both a restaurant and a raw bar operation adjacent to the main dining room. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Guidebook space could never do this Westside sustainable seafood Mecca justice. In a word: astonishing! Full review →


On the Grid

The experience that Ford Fry has created with this intown “seaside fish camp” is so stellar, this is the first place we send out-of-town guests Full review →

And if you geek out on a branded experience as much as we do, you’ll be sure to love Smith Hanes’ aesthetic touches from the surf chic décor all the way to the match books and beach keys.

Travel + Leisure

Whether you swing by the first-come, first-served oyster bar or go for a full meal at the barrel-vaulted main restaurant, it's clear that chef Adam Evans knows seafood. Full review →



This chic restaurant embodies coastal living—from tangy cocktails to delicious starters (seafood gumbo, mussels in crabby-coconut broth, fried clam roll), roasted fish dishes and a wine list. Full review →



This Westside seafooder from owner Ford Fry (his JCT. Kitchen & Bar is just a clam's throw away) baits crowds with a range of raw to roasted fin fare and beachy cocktails. Full review →

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