Elizabeth Street Cafe

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Austin Chronicle

Stellar cuisine with grass-fed meats, eggs from pastured chickens, locally grown organic produce, and San Miguel Seafood fresh from the Gulf. Full review →

Try to walk or bike or carpool when you come, and aim for a nonpeak time unless you want to wait for more than an hour.


Fresh shrimp spring rolls, spicy pork meatball banh mi on a fresh baguette, and spicy beef and pork bun with thick, soft airy noodles are safe bets. Full review →


Frommer's 33

Elizabeth Street serves everything from baguettes, nice hot curries, coffee, and phở, to The New York Times and cold beer. Full review →


Gayot 14.0

A sensory delight, Elizabeth Street Cafe is equal parts Vietnamese street food purveyor, New Orleans cafe and French bakery. Full review →


Lonely Planet

We're going to irritate some locals by highlighting this dapper cottage of deliciousness. Pop in for croissants, crepes and a few noodle dishes in the morning, plus the deliciously creamy... Full review →


The Infatuation 8.2

File Under: Probably the cutest place you’re going to eat this year. Elizabeth Street Cafe is a French Vietnamese restaurant that serves great banh mi and noodle dishes, but also... Full review →



From the folks behind Lambert's and Perla's, this Bouldin Creek spot serves French pastries and coffee in the mornings followed by upscale takes on Vietnamese dishes. Full review →

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