Guero's Taco Bar

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The epicenter of South Congress. Tourists take taxis straight here from the airport. The queso flameado and tacos al pastor have something to do with it.


Frommer's 33

This is one of the main hangouts on South Congress. It occupies an old feed store that dates from the time when South Austin was a low-rent area at the margins of the city. Full review →


Gayot 11.0

This spacious south Austin landmark hums with the frantic energy of a loyal lunch crowd seeking a Tex-Mex fix. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

Oh, Güero's, how we love you. Why must you make us wait? Well, clearly it's because of the three million other hungry people crammed into your bar area. Full review →


Michelin Guide

This iconic South Congress Avenue, occupying a late 19C feed store, ls a big part of the hip Austin scene.


Not For Tourists

Best margaritas / fish tacos in Austin, Quentin Tarentino wasn't wrong. Full review →


Rough Guide

Tacos al pastor are a specialty (about $9) at this busy, sprawling restaurant located across the bridge, south of downtown.


The Infatuation 7.7

Guero’s is the rare tourist destination (especially among those who consider themselves in the know) that Austin locals still love, too Full review →



This SoCo stop attracts "masses" of locals and visitors alike for "no-nonsense" Mexican grub and "margaritas that'll take the enamel off your teeth". Full review →

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