Salt Lick BBQ

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This smoky barbecue depot is about a 30-minute ride of town. On the way there you can admire classic Hill Country terrain.



If, in your mind, Texas + food = barbecue, the Salt Lick is the place for you.

It's BYOB, so make sure to bring a cooler of ice-cold Shiner Bocks (brewed in nearby Shiner, Texas).

Fodor's Tick Choice

When Texans argue about the relative merits of barbecue joints, the Salt Lick usually winds up at or near the top of the heap. Full review →


Lonely Planet Tick Top Choice

It's worth the 20-mile drive out of town just to see the massive outdoor barbecue pits at this park-like place off US 290. Full review →

Choose the family-style all-you-can-eat option (adult/child $19.95/6.95).

Not For Tourists

World-Famous BYOB BBQ. 20 mins from downtown. Full review →


The Infatuation 8.5

Barbecue isn’t just a food group Full review →

Just make sure you have the foundation of some brisket and some sausage on your plate, and the rest is up to you.

Zagat 4.0

This “landmark” bastion of beef in Driftwood (with spin-offs in Round Rock and at the airport) provides a “quintessential Texas BBQ experience.” Full review →

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